What is workspace?

Workspace is a dedicated area in Edens where you can manage your projects, clients, and invoices. You can add teammates and clients to the workspace and invite them to join.

Create a workspace

There are three options for creating a new workspace:

  1. Follow the onboarding wizard on sign up.
  2. Create a sample workspace with demo data to experiment with Edens. This can be done on the “Onboarding” page.
  3. Create a new workspace by clicking “Create new workspace” in your workspaces list.

Do I need to create a workspace?

  • If you’re running a business on your own as an independent freelancer or company, then yes.
  • If you’re working at another company, you don’t need to create a workspace. Just ask your company owner to create one and invite you. If you’re acting as a client, you also don’t need to create a workspace. Please ask your contractor to create one and invite you.
  • If you act as a client you also don’t need to create a workspace, please ask your contractor to that and invite you.
We’ll allow clients to create their workspaces and invite contractors at a later stage.

Inviting other users

You can invite your teammates and clients to the workspace.

To invite a teammate, please create a new team member on the “Team” page. If you wish to invite a client, please refer to our documentation.

Custom domain

By default, your workspace is available on app.edensapp.com. Public invoices links will also include this URL. You can customize it by configuring a custom domain. To do that go to “Workspace” > “Custom domain” page.

  • Enter a domain name you’d like to use.
  • Configure DNS using provided NS records.

Don’t know how to set up NS records? Refer to docs of your registrar:

Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance with setting up your domain.

After adding records, click the “Refresh” button next to the domain status.

If the domain is set up correctly, you’ll see a green icon and the status will change to “Valid”. Otherwise, please wait as the status will be updated automatically.

Workspace billing

The billing for each workspace is done separately. If you want upgrade, please go to “Workspace"" > “Subscription” page.

Please refer to the actual pricing here.

How to delete a workspace?

Deleting a workspace will also delete all data associated with it as well as revoke access to all users joined it.

To delete a workspace go to the workspace settings page.