Edens allows you to set up flexible billing to support both hourly-rate and fixed-price contracts. The hourly rate is used to calculate billing amounts for the time tracked. You can track time using Edens time tracker located in the sidebar or with the Telegram bot — more options are coming soon.

How to set hourly rates


Billing currency

You may use different currencies for each project. Be sure the currency set is correct.


Default hourly rate

For each project, you can set a default hourly rate that will be applied to all project members. This is done on the project settings page.


Individual hourly rate

It’s possible to set an hourly rate individually for each project member. To do so, go to the project members page.


Time record rate

You can even set an hourly rate for each time record. This is helpful if you’re using a different hourly rate depending on the task.


Zero hourly rate

If you don’t want to bill for time tracked, you can set a 0 hourly rate for the project, member, or a time record.